New beginnings…

Saturday I woke up quite abruptly to the piercing sound of the alarm clock. It’s 4:40 am, my only day of the week to sleep in, and why is this alarm going off. I turned over, groping for the source of this annoying noise.  The big decision, do I get up to start the day, or turn over, and drift back to sleep? Slowly emerging into consciousness, I heard an inner voice, “Take advantage of the extra sleep, all will go well today!” I chose to listen to that voice, and slept for another hour.  Though I was mindful of all that needed to be accomplished, I awoke renewed and refreshed.  After some quiet time and a freshly brewed cup of coffee the morning unfolded to include stops at the farmers market, the Laundromat, grocery store, gym and dollar store, in addition to cleaning the house and preparing for a new SCORE year.

Yes, tomorrow marks the first Sunday of SCORE. At 10:30 am, the cafeteria will burst with enthusiasm and excitement as 150+ children, and their parents gather for the first class.  My assigned room, 105 welcomes twenty-three children.  And with the assistance of two aides, the plan is to decorate name cards, and design a cover for their journal. Tomorrow holds many surprises. As this day draws to a close, I return to the inner voice, “all will go well tomorrow.”

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