Called By Name

[Reflections of  SCORE Session 1; 09/09]
I am Special!  I am loved! God calls me by name. The theme, Called by Name, provided some time to think about our names.  Though time didn’t allow for an ice-breaker,the children focused on personalizing their name cards which will be used for the next several class periods. During this activity the children were cooperative and eager to help one another.  Our Called by Name activity set the direction for this year of sacramental preparation.

In class, we began with the awareness that God calls us by name.  One of the children, Patricio, noticed my name, “Ms. Pat” printed on the white board. He said, “Pat comes from Patricio, and that is how my name is said in Mexico.”  I acknowledged, and said Patricia/Patricio means, “noble one.”   I asked the children if they knew the meaning of their names. Mateo enthusiastically responded, “My name means present of God.”  Our conversation may have sparked a sense of wonder in your child…”I wonder what my name means?” I invite you, to find time this week to share with your child the meaning of his or her name.  If you haven’t done so, tell them the story of whom they were named after.

We weave the names of each child into our collective story. This year we prepare them to respond whole-heartedly to the call, “Come to the TABLE.” In response to God’s grace, we instill a sense of wonder, and honor tobe at the Table, it begins with the awareness I AM CALLED BY NAME.

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