SCORE Parents, animating God’s Spirit

At our last SCORE class, WK6, all 21 children were present. Their smiling faces radiate a playfulness and an eagernss to discover and share faith. You may recall that at our last class we discussed Baptism, and went on “field-trip” to church.  This week, a few of the children came to class with keepsakes from their Baptism. Declan shared with his friends the candle he received at Baptism. His baptismal candle sparked a lively discussion enabling the other children to share the stories of Baptism they received from you. A time-honored example of how faith is passed from one generation to the next.

You, dear parents play such a significant role as catechist, echoing God’s Word to your child. Embrace and celebrate God’s grace working through you…

Sunday’s class was more grace-filled moments. Our SCORE class grew two-fold as the older students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation joined the children preparing for Reconciliation and Eucharist, (the SCORE grace-fest). The theme of our SCORE class, We Celebrate Confirmation, invited all the children to move outside of  their comfort zone. The candidates for Confirmation were matched with the younger children. Under the careful watch of the catechists, the older children guided the younger children in reading, faith-sharing, and an activity. Annie Guter, the catechist of the older children; Violette, our junior catechist; and I served as facilitators moving from group-to-group prompting, encouraging, listening, as all of the children worked together helping each other grow in faith. It was evident God’s Spirit was at work in all of us.

For additional moments of faith sharing, your Family Book – We Believe on pp 17 – 19 provides an overview of the Sacrament of Confirmation, and activities for the family. Please take time to review the lesson with your child.

Next Sunday, October 21 we move into WK 7; this Sunday marks one-quarter of the way through our SCORE year. We intensify our preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation as we begin Unit 2, Jesus Calls Us to Penance and Reconciliation.

May we live our faith vibrantly, alive in the Spirit of God.

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