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WK 7 – Reflections
October 21

Saturday, January 26, 2013 marks the day our children celebrate with their families the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Though the calendar indicates three months until First Reconciliation, the reality, there are six (6) dedicated class periods of formal preparation.  This past SCORE Sunday we turned our attention to  UNIT 2,  – Jesus Calls Us To Penance and Reconciliation.  Our lesson, We Learn about God’s Love, opened us to God’s message revealed in the Scriptures.

God’s Love and Mercy revealed in the Sacred Scriptures remains the focal point of the next several class periods. How does this translate into sacramental preparation? First of all, we will continue to use stories from the Scriptures to help the children deepen their awareness of God’s gift of peace and reconciliation. This week, for example, the children listened to the story of Daniel, from the Old Testament. After hearing the story we discussed God’s message. The story of Daniel demonstrates a deep faith and confidence in God. God’s message resonates in our own hearts today, God is our help and our shield. God will keep us safe.

This week, we again break open God’s Word in the New Testament. The children will be given another opportunity to hear God’s message revealed in the parables of Jesus. If it is your practice of telling bedtime stories to your child, this week, tell a story from the Old Testament. For your convenience, this link provides printable short bible stories  Share faith with your child asking, “What is God’s message to us in this reading.”  I am always amazed at the profound insights children share as they echo God’s love to us.

A couple of weeks ago at our parent gathering for Reconciliation, you received the First Penance mini-lessons to compliment what the children are doing in class. I hope you are finding the lessons and activities very helpful, and experiencing how God’s love and forgiveness is manifested through you! There are numerous scripture stories in these packets.

HOMEWORK – The children were given a special assignment, to look in the mirror every morning and say, “I am beautiful!” We learn in the Scriptures of God’s love and mercy, and sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves of the beauty that is within. Perhaps, the entire family can participate in the activity.  When was the last time you looked into the mirror and said, “I am beautiful?”

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