First Reconciliation

Reconciliation through the eyes of our children

WK 9 Reflections
November 7, 2012

Last Sunday’s SCORE lesson drew our attention to rules and making choices. The message was simple and concrete:

  • Rules keep us safe.
  • When we love God with all of our heart, and our mind we show our love for others and ourselves.

The first part of class, the children contributed to a lively discussion unpacking the Great Commandment through the eyes of children. They shared ways in which they show their love for God, others, and themselves using examples from classroom, playground, at home and in the neighborhood. The Great Commandment, “Love God with all of your heart and mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself” remains our starting point teaching our children about the sacrament of Reconciliation. enjoy drama! and sometimes their choices cause drama in their relationships with siblings, parents and their friends. The second part of class the children were given two scenarios in which they reenacted good choices and bad choices. We were able to discuss how our choices hurt or help others. Next week, we’ll build on this week’s lesson on good choices and bad choices.  Weaving together both parts of Sunday’s class, Jesus’ Great Commandment, and good and bad choices, the children recognized that sometimes it is hard to choose good. [Sometimes it’s hard for us adults to choose good.]  This we believe, by our example, and our love we model for our children Jesus’ promise, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS. Jesus promises us, “I will never abandon you!”

Beyond the SCORE connecting Sunday’s Lesson with Home. A few weeks ago, at the parent meeting you received the child’s packet – FIRST PENANCE – Preparing children for the Rite of Reconciliation. Intentionally, I planned the activities of the SCORE lesson to compliment from the packet Lesson 3, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and Lesson 4, GOD’S RULES. If you and your child have already done these two lessons, you may want to revisit them again. The packet also illustrates the Ten Commandments in a way that our little one’s can understand.

Supporting parents…

  • I’m always on the watch for resources to deepen my understanding of sacramental preparation. I am currently reading, The Gift of Reconciliation, For Parents and Children Celebrating First Penance. The book speaks “to parents in terms they can understand and gives them words to use when talking with their children. It offers helpful insights into the Church’s understanding of morality, sin and forgiveness. It enables parents to help children realize the significance of the sacrament of Reconciliation and approach it with a positive attitude.  I have several copies of the Gift of Reconciliation. The cost is $6.00. Please let me know if you would like to purchase a copy.

Looking ahead…

  • Participation in the First Reconciliation Retreat is Saturday, November 17 beginning at 9:30 am. More information forthcoming.

May we experience God’s tender mercy and compassion in and through our relationships with others. With gratitude.

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