Connecting the dots…free will, making choices, sin and mercy

We began class with the review: building on the foundation of the Greatest Commandment, to Love God with all of your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself. One week passed since we met, and when asked, the children had difficulty remembering the Greatest Commandment. One strategy of remembering, to reach out.

Using our arms, we reached to the heavens, and made the shape of a heart, we love God with all of our hearts, and very slowly as our arms descended we gave ourselves a hug, signifying love your neighbor as yourself. Next week, once again, we will review the Greatest Commandment.  Ask your child to sign for you his/her understanding of the Greatest Commandment.

The children participated in a reflective opening prayer with the prompt, “Last week I made a good choice when…”  prior to writing in their little journal the children shared with each other good choices they made. Sometimes it is difficult at their age to think about good choices. Our discussion provided a lot of concrete examples for them to ponder. After they wrote their reflection, we paused to thank God for helping us make good choices. Overall, many of their reflections demonstrate a deepening awareness of Reconciliation.

After our reflection we began making connections between free will, making choices, sin and mercy.  The children listened to one another, and engaged in conversation as we used talking points on pp 113, and 115 as a guide.  We wrote upon our hearts, sometimes we choose to do actions that hurt others and ourselves. We commit sin.The children colored this saying in their book, God never stops loving us. God will always forgive us when we are sorry.  Class concluded with the retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son. The children got it..the Loving father welcoming his child back home.  How this story exemplifies God’s loving mercy, always ready to embrace and take us back.

  • Participation in the First Reconciliation Retreat for our children is NEXT Saturday, November 17 beginning at 9:30 am. Please drop off your child a few minutes before time. Your child can be picked up at noon. This retreat  is always a grace-filled time for the children and parent volunteers.  Hearty thanks to the moms and dads who will be helping with the  retreat.
  • Heartfelt thanks to Mary Jo, Colin’s mom for her help this week, and Kevin, Colin’s dad for assisting last week.  And many thanks to Violette, our junior catechist.  To the parents who came to class this week for open house, your presence is a gift to our faith formation.

My prayer, may you and your family experience God’s healing love this week,

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