First Communion, another step in faith formation

WK 17 Reflections
February 4

At Sunday SCORE, the children took another step in their faith formation as they began preparing for their First Communion. At the heart of Communion, be it the first or one of many Communions, we encounter Jesus, the Bread of Life; however to develop a deepening awareness requires responding to Jesus’ invitation to come and at. This class, we recalled celebrating special meals with family and friends. The children identified events such as birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Independence Day picnics to name a few.

Our lively conversation provided an opening to talk about special meals Jesus shared with others. It is my intent to guide the children to begin making connections between the gathering of family around the table to share a meal, with the gathering of our faith community each week for Sunday Eucharist. It is withing this context that we our nourished by Jesus, Bread of Life.

This Lesson presented four key themes: Last Supper, Eucharist, Mass and Holy Communion. In the upcoming weeks, these words will take on a deeper meaning for the children as we break open the Scriptures to hear stories of Jesus feeding the multitudes to sharing with his friends the Passover. These words and stories will guide what we do, how we listen and prepare to receive Jesus. Our attention remains focused, Jesus comes to us, and gives us the Gift of himself, the Bread of Life.

Responding to Jesus’ invitation:

  • Most importantly, during this time of preparation for your child’s first communion, help him or her actively participate at Mass. Sing songs together, and pray the words of blessing.
  • When you receive communion, encourage your child to accompany you for a blessing.
  • Spend time with your family and share stories around the dinner table of how Jesus was present throughout the day in your actions and words.
  • Choose one meal a week of beans and rice, the main staple of millions of people throughout the world during the season of Lent, and discuss how you and your family are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
  • Recall your First Communion, the memories of receiving Jesus for the first time, reflect “how have I grown in my understanding of Eucharist?”
  • Remember the date – February 20 at 7 p.m. in Oldershaw Hall, parent meeting on First Communion.
May we be the Body of Christ in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our workplace! peace, Pat

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