Introducing the Liturgy of the Word through the experience of children

Following each SCORE class, I take time to reflect on things went with class. I ponder, how well did I make God’s message known in our Sunday lesson? Did it speak to the mind and heart of child? Were there parts of the lesson that I would change, or do differently? Always, I believe the Spirit of God works through our children, junior catechists, and those parents who come to assist with the lesson.

Sunday’s activity introduced the children to the the Liturgy of the Word; First Reading, Second Reading, Psalm, Gospel, Homily, Creed [Profession of Faith], and the Prayers of the Faithful. The children worked in teams, read through CH 17 filling-in-the-blanks. As the activity unfolded, the little ones seemed quite engaged helping one another. From observation, the children seemed to “get it” until the closing activity when I started to check for their understanding of the Liturgy of the Word. At that moment, they gave me the deer in headlight look. Next week, I plan to revisit the Liturgy of the Word; perhaps with some role-playing, and if time permits, show the children a DVD clip – Understanding Sunday Mass – A Kid’s Point of View.

It is my hope, and sincere desire that during this season of Lent, our children experience God’s grace at work in their lives. Deep within them, and all of us is the God-seed, deepening our sense of awe and wonder! …

May we be the bread, broken and shared.

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