First Communion

Nurturing Faith in our children

Kudos to you moms and dads for supporting, encouraging and loving our children as they prepare for their First Communion. This week, I want to recognize the work that you are doing at home with your child. Your own desire to grow in your faith is a gift to our community. You have shared with me the many ways that being the BODY of CHRIST takes place in your life as you gather around the dinner table, driving your kids to practice, walking your dog, or spending quality time discussing homework. During this time of preparation of our children’s First Communion, let us take time to reflect on how we growing in our understanding of Eucharist [it’s a good Lenten practice]. How do we continue to live the reality of the Risen Christ in our lives?

Each day I pray for all of you, and for our children that we may know and experience God’s presence working through us.

As we draw closer to Easter, the GREATEST, the PINNACLE of our Liturgical Year, the focal point of our many communions with the Risen Christ, we can work together on the following:

  • Praying with our children the OUR FATHER, can they make the SIGN of the CROSS?
  • Modeling for our children, by reaching out and sharing the Sign of Peace with those around us;
  • Fostering a discerning heart within our children; are they expressing a growing awareness of encountering Jesus in Bread and Wine? As we go/”grow” through the process with them, I expect our understanding to reflect our deepening faith in the sacramental life of the Church;
  • Perhaps they may not grasp quite yet, the meaning of ASSEMBLY¬† as an integral part of the celebration of Eucharist. In time, we deepen our understanding of the Assembly sharing in the resurrected life of Jesus in bread and wine. Strengthened, we go out living/animating Christ presence in our world. Does that reality speak to your heart? I hope so…God’s grace is at work through you!
  • Encouraging our children to go with us to receive communion. Show them how to approach the Eucharistic Minister, as if they’re giving themselves a hug. The practice will help them develop a greater ease when approaching the minister.

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