First Communion

Eucharist through the eyes of our children

Alleluia! All the children returned to SCORE this Sunday morning.They were enthusiastic and eager to learn. Our lesson focused on four overarching themes of the Mass:

•We gather to remember and celebrate what Jesus did at the Last Supper.
•Liturgy of the Word – we listen to God’s Word.
•Liturgy of the Eucharist – Jesus gives us the gift of his Life.
•We go forth to live and share the peace and love of Jesus.

Each child received a booklet to illustrate the four different themes of the Mass. The first theme invited us to discuss the people who gather with us to worship. Here, they were asked to write down some of the people from the parish whom they see at Mass. Some of their responses were revealing, “I don’t know anyone at church.”  I wonder, what can I do, what can we do to help our children feel more connected during Mass?Our lively discussion enabled the children to process their experience and understanding of Liturgy. The last theme, “We go forth to live and share the peace and love of Jesus” will be done in class next Sunday.

This week, in preparation for Sunday’s class, the children were instructed to read and discuss with you p. 211, p. 213, p. 215, and p.217. The lesson invites you to talk with your child, and discuss how do we share Jesus’ love and peace within our families, with the people in our school communities, with the people at work, and with our neighbors. These our teachable moments for you and your child, and the whole family. Here are a couple of ideas of when to schedule quality time to help your child with this week’s assignment: Consider “faith sharing” when you gather around the table for dinner, [each Sunday we gather around the Table to be nourished by the Bread of Life] or, when your child is preparing for bed. At the close of each day, read together one page and talk about the questions on the page. For example, one of the prompts on p. 211, talks about the disciples being sent. A faith sharing question, “Today at school or in our family, how did you show Jesus’ love?”

Did you know, there are only three more Sunday SCORE sessions before their First Communion?

There will be many opportunities in the upcoming weeks to discern your child’s readiness for First Communion. Next Saturday from 9:30 to 12 noon, the children will come together for their Retreat. During Sunday’s class, I became very aware of the many activities that they are involved in. In response to writing down the date and time of the retreat. Several children responded, “I have baseball practice.” “I have a soccer game.” “I have a very busy weekend and can’t make the retreat.” Here’s another teachable moment, help your child give voice to participating in his/her retreat because it is important.

Is your child ready to receive First Communion? Does your child show a willingness to learn more about the Mass? Find a place where your child can see what is happening during the Mass. Move to the front, close to the altar, so they can see what is going on. These are grace-filled moments for our children. Observe your child’s behavior during Mass, and help them to participate. If you’re uncertain of what to say about different parts of the Mass, check out their textbook; sections 16, 17, and 18. If I can be of support, please let me know.

Dear parents, in our final weeks before our children’s First Communion…may our hearts be open to the God’s grace at work in and through all of us! Easter Peace!

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