????????????????????????Two months ago today SCORE classes ended for the summer.  On that sunny May morning, the entire SCORE community gathered in the cafeteria – Imagine – 180+ children, their parents, 10 catechists and aides. Our mission,  to send forth our 8th graders, and the two catechists who were  moving on.  Hugs, prayers, blessings…acknowledging parents and catechists. This is SCORE downtime….it’s time to unwind and enjoy the warm days of summer, or…

Today is July 7.  Time has passed so quickly, and we’re at the midway point of launching the new SCORE year. Yes, I’m savoring the gift of Sunday mornings  to meet up with friends for brunch, or to read the Sunday paper, or to take a walk in the neighborhood.  Yes, I do enjoy time apart from weekly planning and instructing; however, I’m taking advantage of downtime  to upgrade my web-blogging technological skill-sets such as the functionality of  I’m experimenting with uploading photos and exploring new techniques.  sundayscore debuts a new them with a couple of more “widgets” on the horizon.

Enrollment in  the 2013-2014 SCORE class for First Reconciliation and Communion has increased to 34 children and counting….  more later!

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  1. Nicely done – really MORE than nice! Looks super. Many thanks. scf


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