My deepest longing…

The first Sunday of SCORE is always a little chaotic.  Almost 250 adults and 180 children enthusiastically greeting one another in the school cafeteria, child with parent gently meandering through  a maze a people looking for the right table . What’s so amazing…how order and stillness  slowly emerge  when S. Christina begins her countdown 3…2…1…  Yes, the NEW SCORE YEAR has begun.
Generally, with a new year, comes the making of resolution or two. Do you have a resolution, a desire for this new SCORE year?  Put aside the sacramental prep; as children we’ve all been there. As you enter this process as an adult, as a loving and faith-filled parent, what special grace do you ask of our God  as you begin anew this 2013-2014 SCORE year?
This evening, or sometime tomorrow, find time to enter into your inner sanctuary. Take a deep breathe and spend a few moments in the Divine Presence, and allow God’s grace to touch and transform your deepest longings.  Resolve daily, to spend a few moments in prayer to experience God’s love for you and your family.  God will never abandon you, God promises…”I am with you always!”

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