Jesus became one with us to show us how to live

WK 2

Our well-thought out plan for Sunday’s SCORE class went down an uncharted pathway;  rather than move the children to the classroom, we remained in the cafeteria for the abridged version of the lesson.  The 9:00 am Mass was longer than anticipated, by the time most of us arrived in the cafeteria for welcome and snacks it was close to 11 am.

Our original lesson plan, which included three activities, required a minimum of 50 minutes.  From my estimation, It would take a few minutes to direct and line up all the children according to their small communities, a model we were introducing in class. The arching theme guiding the activities and actions of this Sunday’s class was: “As God’s gift, Jesus became one with us, to be with us, to be our friend, and to show us how to live.”

The enthusiasm, the energy level and noise level increased my level of observation for future planning.  At the conclusion of class, and debriefing with the team,  I honestly asked myself,  did we role model  the love and compassion of Jesus?

I admit, the learning environment was less than ideal when it came to addressing all the learning styles and needs of our little ones.  For a small child, it’s not easy to sit for an extended period of time at the cafeteria table and remain on task to listen and follow directions.  The children responded favorably to learning gestures, and words to the the song, Like a Sunflower.

Our little children, seated at these long tables engaged in conversation, and song, brought our lesson to the next level. At the heart, many of them reached out to help one another with spelling and writing as all they worked at filling out the front cover of their religion book. For a couple of little ones, the activity was a little overwhelming; however, a caring adult and teen were within reach to assist the child when needed.  I express gratitude to our team, junior catechists, Susan, and Sr. Christina.

Next Sunday, WK 3, we will gather again and form into small communities, this time we will proceed to our classroom with less distraction and noise, and modeling our faith … Jesus became one with us, to be with us, to be our friend, and to show us how to live.”


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