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This week’s SCORE class got off to a very good start.  The children seem to be getting accustomed to sitting with their respective small community. Adding to our achievement, we are getting to know each child by name and becoming more familiar with their learning styles.  Taking a peak in the classroom, the children were very engaged and participated in four different activities. Yes, there is still some tweaking within each little community and some minor adjustments with classroom management.  Putting aside the basic “housekeeping” and time management, our focus remained helping the children experience God’s love while at SCORE. Most importantly, our overall goal is to help them develop a very personal relationship with Jesus especially during this year of their faith formation.

Sunday’s SCORE class demonstrated that reality as they talked about Jesus being their friend at school.  They were all to eager to share what it would be like to be with Jesus in the classroom, and on the playground.  These prompts sparked their religious imagination to experience and to share their perspective of  Jesus as a 7 or 8-year-old.   In the SCORE classroom we are planting little seeds helping the children to discover and deepen their friendship with Jesus.  I encourage you to  look for openings, especially around the dinner table to enliven your conversation.  One prompt, ask your child, whom among your classmates was like Jesus today? What did he, or she say or do that made you think about Jesus?


The children were “sent” and greeted you with their little treasures from class, a beautifully decorated sunflower with Jesus positioned at the center of the blossom, and an “authentic” sunflower blossom with seeds almost ready for harvest.  After a few days when the blossom is dried your child can choose to use it for bird seed, or save the seeds for next year’s planting season.   With the decorated sunflower we made in class, did your child ask you to put it where he/she can remember to pray, “Jesus you are the center of our lives.”  The overall lesson reinforced  “Like a sunflower that follows every movement of the sun, so I turn to you and follow you my God.

With gratitude to Tiana Witschy for helping the children articulate their gratitude prayer, and assembling  their sunflower plant, with the assistance of junior catechists Lilly and Rose.

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