Fostering Discipleship

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This week the children were sent forth from class wearing a colorful “I am a disciple of Jesus” card.   I hope you were able to catch some of the enthusiasm they generated in class.  We were engaged in a lively discussion as the children shared with one another what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  There responses took them into every imaginable setting, from the schoolyard to the home-front.   “I share when others don’t have things.” “I help my mom.” AT-4 “I share on the playground.” “When I see poor people, I want to help them.” “I like to help old people.” One of the little disciples captured our lesson, “We are disciples when we follow his heart.” In the past 48 hours, did your child create an opening for  you to share what it means for you  to be a disciple of Jesus?

Yes, this year of sacramental preparation invites all of us to respond to Gods’ grace to create space to deepen our own call to discipleship.  In the upcoming weeks we will become fully engaged in the sacramental process.  You will notice there will be a gradual shift to exploring ways to foster a culture  of “Eucharist and Reconciliation” in our homes, where we work, in our communities and neighborhoods.  What does it mean to be disciples, and to foster that culture of Eucharist and Reconciliation?
In the home:
  • Establish a ROUTINE — to share faith with your child. Discuss with them what they did in SCORE. The activities that we do in class are planned to offer  a springboard for faith sharing. We Believe Family Book, pp 8-10 offers suggestions for deepening the faith of the family.
  • Practice with your child the SIGN of the CROSS, and the OUR Father.
In our parish community:
  • Our call is nurtured through our  active participation at Mass. This year especially, we are reminded of the  importance of our presence, with our children, at Sunday Mass, or, if you attend the Saturday evening 4:30 Mass. These are the teachable, grace-filled  moments for our children, and for all of us. Help your child with the songs, and talk with them about meaning of the prayers. Let me know if you need prompts.
  • Sometimes it’s hard for the little ones to sit through the Liturgy of the Word, the three Scripture Readings and Homily. For families who attend the 9:00 a.m Sunday Mass, encourage your son or daughter to participate in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Sometimes they just need a gentle nudge when the priest invites, after the opening prayer, all the children to come forward. When they return, asking them about what they heard or the activity helps them to grow as little disciples of Jesus.
  • Encourage your child to approach the Eucharistic Minister for a blessing. Participating in the communion procession helps them to see that they are part of the Mass.

My heart-felt thanks to Sara Davidson, Claudine Holloway, Tiana Witschy, and junior catechists, Violette and Lilly.  Thank you for giving witness to discipleship.

We are also keeping in our prayers the Sims family and they accompany their sons on a difficult journey of  Julian’s illness. You can offer your words of encouragement and support on

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