Mass participation

We are Sent Forth

...the last installment of the mini-series -helping your child participate at Mass.

The Mass has ended, and your little one, tugging at your arm says, “Come on let’s go.” We hear the urgency…”let’s go!” At Mass, we have been nourished by GOD’s WORD, and the BREAD of LIFE. Now we are Sent Forth into our homes, our neighborhoods, the classrooms, the workplace, down the highways and byways to live the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus.

The Concluding  Rite  – We receive the Blessing , “May almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” We shared in the Body of Christ,  and as St. Augustine suggests, we BECOME what we have received.  We are SENT FORTH living the profound mystery….We are the Body of Christ.

So significant for all of us this year as we ready our children for the first of many…many… communions. May we be ever responsive to God’s grace  transforming our Parish Community!

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