First Communion

The initial steps of preparing for first Eucharist

Last Sunday (2/2), with the children in tow, we began our journey of preparing for First Communion. If a child’s readiness for Communion was based only on one’s desire to come to the Table of the Lord, then many of the children are ready. Not so quickly little ones, we still have work to do. For the next 9 sessions (this coming Sunday is WK 18 of 27) the lessons and parent communication will help our children :

  • develop a sense of belonging to St. Nicholas Parish;
  • grow in a greater appreciation and active participation in the Mass;
  • experience God’s love for them, and instill within them a sense of thanksgiving through prayer and worship.

Our children permeate enthusiasm and a desire to know more about the Mass. Let us be mindful that we our their greatest role models preparing for their first Eucharist. Let us pray for the grace to live out our faith, and to animate the Spirit of Jesus so when our children…

  • see us receive Eucharist with reverence, and see that  it is an important part of our life, they  will also desire Eucharist.
  • experience our love of God and our involvement in the sacramental life of the Church, they too will grow in their relationship with Jesus the Christ.
  • participate actively in the Mass with us by learning the songs and prayers, the words and gestures we help them be as comfortable at the Eucharistic meal as they are when they come to the family table.
  • see us living the gospel mandate to “love one another” we witness to them that Eucharist nourishes our life every day of the week.
    adapted from First Communion Preparation: A Parent’s Guide, The Office of Evangelization, Catechesis, and Family Life, Albany Diocese

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