The Gathering Rite – Increasing your child’s participation at Mass

Why do we gather for Eucharist? The kids engaged in a lively discussion, and wrote their responses on poster  boards. After 15 minutes they shared their insights with the class.

Their responses to At Sunday Mass We Gather To  included: “…listen to the stories from the Gospel,” “.. to eat the bread and wine of God,”  “…to pray, to sing, and to help others,” “…”to say ‘I am sorry’,” “…to share our love and to thank God,”  “…to remember Jesus’ death and Resurrection,”  “…to give money to help the poor.” “…to celebrate with joy.” “… because God loves us.”

???????????????????????? Working together ..."we gather to help pass money to the poor.'

Parents and Catechists together:

We continue our “mini-series” fostering active participation with our children at Mass. When you enter the gathering space, find a seat where your child can see what is going on at Mass.

The Gathering Rite .  Singing calls us to worship. After the song number is announced, share the song book with your child, and sing together.   Have you ever thought of carrying the cross for the entrance procession?  Stop by the sacristy before Mass, and volunteer to carry the cross. Your child can accompany you in the entrance procession.

We begin with theSign of the Cross, reminding us of our Baptism in the mystery of the dying and rising of Christ.  Continue to “practice” with your child the Sign of the Cross.  At the baptismal pool, during the Mass, at the beginning of the day, or at the end, the Sign of the Cross reaffirms Jesus’…

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