Mass participation

Liturgy of the Word – Good News for kids and parents

The children are immersed in the study and practice of Sunday Mass. This particular lesson focused on the Liturgy of the Word, the first main part of the Mass. Each Sunday at class, we begin the lesson with a reading from the Life of Jesus of Nazareth for Children. The book is written for kids, complete with illustrations and 40 Gospel stories capturing Jesus’ life and message.

This week we heard the story of the man who couldn’t walk (Luke 5:17-26). The message from Jesus that one child heard, “We have to think of different ways to help our family and friends.” And then there was a spoiler, as one of the girls enthusiastically waved her hand, “I know how the story ends, I read the story at home….his friends take the man on the roof to see Jesus.”  Moms and Dads keep on reading those stories to your kids. They bring fresh insights into class discussions.

In each Gospel story, the children  encounter with their friend Jesus. We take the words of Jesus very seriously when he said, “let the children come to me.”  Prior to the reading the children are asked,  “As you listen to the story, what is Jesus asking of you.”  This prompt, and others like it evoke the children’s religious imagination. Let’s not stop with our children, how does the Gospel, “Good News” ignite your religious imagination. I invite you to read with your child this Sunday’s Gospel reading from Matthew 5:38-48, Ask your child to listen with you for the message that Jesus wants you to hear, and share with each other. Be open to wonder and surprise at the insights of your child.