First Communion

In the beginning there was a little skew of yarn…

????????????????????????Sunday’s class ignited our religious imagination as we gathered in the cafeteria with the 5th graders, several teens, and adults of the parish community. The “assembly” numbered close to 60; and our call, to help our youngest children create their Body of Christ mobile.  In the beginning was a little skew of yarn circulating from one person to the next.

Once we were joined together I posed the question: ”Look around, what’s holding our class together?”  There was a  pause, longer than I anticipated as if I was missing something so obvious.  Then, finally a couple of hands went up; one of the children responded: “Yarn!”

The next prompt set the direction for the activity: the “cornerstone” on whom our lessons are built. “During this time of preparation for first Communion, whom is it that holds us all together? This time, a rapid response as several hands went up – “Jesus. holds us together.”  A teachable moment: Jesus prayed at the Last Supper, “that all may be one.” Like the yarn that holds us together, Jesus, in Communion holds us as one.  Together, “We are the Body of Christ!” Amen!

Class was divided into nine groups of  3 to 4 children. Each group was accompanied by two older children. the yarn was cut in nine parts and children were directed to nine different stations.  At each station, they worked together creating the “Body of Christ” mobile. Two shapes, a 6″ circle and an 8″ rectangle. There were two circles,  “The Body of Christ – AMEN,” the other, “Jesus invites me to be of service.”

The class???????????????????????? flowed ever so gently, on “The Body of Christ – Amen” circle, the children drew a picture of themselves.Their mobile would be a reminder that each one of us, you, your child, me; that we ALL are members of the Body of Christ. AMEN! I Believe!  Their attention turned to the rectangular shape where they were instructed to write a “Thank You” prayer to Jesus.

Our next step, “Jesus invites me to be of service” the children either drew a picture, or wrote one act that they can do to be of service in their school, in their neighborhood, and within their family. We are the hands of Jesus in our communities. This speaks to being SENT at the end of Mass- “Go in Peace to love and serve God by loving and serving one another.”

As class drew to a close, we gathered once again in the center of the cafeteria. This time, the children were instructed to look at the picture they drew of themselves. For our closing prayer, they held up their “Body of Christ – Amen” and together the Assembly said, “I am the Body of Christ.” “Amen!”

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