I just can’t think…

We are sent ….I have a lot on my mind!

The first Sunday of SCORE is always a little chaotic. The school cafeteria becomes the gathering space for more than 300 adults and children  who gently meander through  a maze a people guiding their child to the right table.  What’s so amazing…how order and stillness  slowly emerge  when Sr. Christina begins her countdown 3…2…1…  Yes, the NEW SCORE YEAR has begun. Introductions and then the children are shepherd to their respective classrooms.

For our children in Level 2, once in the classroom we raised our hearts and voices in prayer: OUR FATHER…The first class was free flowing; each child personalized name cards, and on the reverse side responded, in writing, to the prompt: JESUS LOVES______ .  To ignite their religious imagination, and get them thinking we asked for responses to the prompt JESUS LOVES______ with hands waving enthusiastically their responses included:  ME, EVERYONE, MY FAMILY,  YOU, the WORLD.It became evident in a few minutes they got the idea.
However, one child’s response to the prompt: “I can’t think, I have too much on my mind.”  I didn’t ask what’s on the little guy’s mind.  It appeared he needed some space to be. A lot was happening…the first day of SCORE, lots of people, seeing friends.  This year, as we begin anew may we model for our children that in the midst of all of our activities, demanding schedules, new beginnings, our struggles, our highlights…Jesus loves us; a promise that he will ALWAYS BE WITH US!
…may we live this reality this week especially when we have a lot on our minds.

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