Sacramental Preparation

Sharing our Catholic Faith with our Children

SundFamilyBookCover0002ay the children left SCORE class with two items, their little “I am a disciple of Jesus” neck-placard, and their Creemos/We Believe religion book. So true to form, they were sent on a mission to share with you the book that they will be using during this year of sacramental preparation.  To reinforce and practice at home what we did in class, the children are working on this week’s Project Disciple.

Taking a closer look at Sacraments:

We are midway through the first unit, Jesus Is Always With Us, which sets the stage for our study of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Next Sunday we take a cursory view of the Sacraments. The children will be introduced to all seven sacraments; what they will need to remember, we encounter the love and forgiveness of God through the sacramental life of the Church. The chapter on Sacraments provides key points of each Sacrament, and prompts for faith sharing.

Sunday, October 5 we enter the initial stages of sacramental preparation with Ch4, We Celebrate Baptism. For this particular class, we will take a field trip to the baptismal pool at church to feel, to splash, and to bless ourselves with the life-giving water; and, to praise God for calling us to share new life in Christ.   Encourage your child to bring to class, on October 5th,  the special candle which burned brightly at his/her Baptism.

Re-membering our Baptism:

In the next week or two, set time aside with your child and recall his/her Baptism in the Catholic Faith; share pictures and tell stories. You may be wondering how to talk with your child about Baptism? Take a look on p. 47 of your child’sCreemos/We Believe book. Most importantly, speak from your heart and share with your child why you said “YES! We want our child baptized in the Catholic Faith.”  We faithfully celebrate our children’s birthdays, is it also good to set time aside to re-member their Baptism?


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