Creating the Family Advent Wreath – Part II

??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???????????????????????   We continue with the second of three parts. . .

Step-by-step. . .  practicing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills the children’s Family Advent Wreaths soon took shape.  Several parents were present to guide the children through the steps:

  1. Glue PURPLE tissue paper around three of the cups, and PINK tissue paper around one of the cups. (The third Sunday of Advent is known as Gaudete Sunday from the Latin word meaning “to rejoice”. We rejoice because the birth of Jesus our Savior is close at hand.)
  2. Glue the GREEN tissue paper around the edge of the plate and anywhere in between the cups where you can still see the bottom of the plate
  3. When you are finished with your wreath, pull the small red tabs out of the bottom of your small votive lights, and placed on candle in each cup. The small black switch to turn the candles on and off is on the bottom of candle.

to be continued. . .

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