Creating the Family Advent Wreath – Part III

The last of a three part series. . . Creating the Family Advent Wreath

The Family Advent Wreath project provided space for children and parent helpers to share the many ways they experience God’s love.

WE RECALL . . . The Season of Advent ushers into our lives the promise of a God who enters into our human experience. Advent penetrates the darkness and cold  of our lives with  light and warmth.   Advent sets our hearts aglow as we watch and wait for the signs of God’s love around us.

Within 45 minutes the children completed their wreathes.  Created with such love and care, I am certain that their wreath will become a focal point which illumines the dusk.  Each child received a card with a prayer for each week during Advent. Let us join together in prayer:

Week 1
ALL: Dear Jesus, help us to see you in those we meet this day. Today, help us to do one random act of kindness.

Week 2
ALL: Dear Jesus, help us to show our love for you by saying, “I’m sorry,” if I said or did something unkind.

Week 3
ALL: Dear Jesus, help us to show our gratitude by saying, “Thank you,” to those who have helped us today .

Week 4
ALL: Dear Jesus, help us to remember to pray each day. You showed us how to live, to love, and to forgive. You are the Bread of Life. Thank you for loving us, and being present to us.

Loving God,  Throughout this joyous Season of Advent,   fill us with your grace so that we radiate your love, peace and healing presence in our family, our neighborhood, our workplace and the world.

In your name we proclaim—AMEN!



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