First Reconciliation

May Peace Prevail on Earth

This morning as we begin our day, I invite you to pause for moment, and enter into your religious imagination. . . this day see peace flowing out of you, to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues.  Imagine peace flowing through your words, your breath, and throughout your energy field in all of your interactions. Together, let us imagine peace for our children as they enter into this process of sacramental preparation.

 Let’s pause, and recall defining moments of the October 4 Class.

  • St. Nick's Community blesses the Peace Pole on the Feast of St. Francis.

    St. Nick’s Community blesses the Peace Pole on the Feast of St. Francis.

    The  blessing and dedication of the Peace Pole in St. Nick’s courtyard, the prayer: May Peace Prevail on Earth inscribed in the languages of Hebrew, Arabic, German, English, Spanish, French Tagalog, Sign and Braille. Our Peace Pole stands with thousands of poles all over the world include one at the North Magnetic Pole, and another at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

  • The Peace Pole prayer extended to our classroom community in our discussion of PEACE as becoming our best selves. Here the children talked about the actions/behaviors which reflect peace within the family, school and neighborhood. From our discussion emerged the Peace Poster which we will use as part of our instruction as we journey towards the celebration of Reconciliation. Position in the middle of the poster is the sun radiating the behaviors/actions of how we share the gift of peace with others.
  • The children carefully constructed, out of paper, a peace pole for their families. One panel each child wrote: Ma20151004_112315y Peace Prevail on Earth. Another panel read, “Dear Jesus you share with me the gift of your peace. Help me to share your peace with others.” The children illustrated their peace poles with  suns, and stars, water, flowers, pumpkins and trees, bumble bees, birds and pets, family members and friends.

Putting it all together:

This past Sunday was rich with meaning in signs pointing to a deeper reality of God’s desire for us . . . PEACE. At his last supper, Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give to you.” (JN 14) Throughout the next four months, in class we will be open to those teachable moments allowing us to discover God’s Spirit abiding within our hearts, a theme I plan developed at length on my blog later. For all of us, the invitation is there to listen to what stirs deep within, calling all of us to the examined life – where and how have I shown love? where have I not been attentive to love?  Let’s ask for that grace so we can look more deeply into the heart of Reconciliation which is God’s abounding mercy and peace flowing into our lives and into our world.


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