Mass participation

Children discover the Lectionary

Parents play a significant role preparing their child for their first experience of Eucharist. As catechist, one of my roles is to support parents during this time of faith formation. This past Sunday at SCORE class, the energy and enthusiasm of the children during class was liken to a mini-Pentecost experience. Their responses and engagement revealed God’s Spirit gently stirring within their hearts.

Highlighting one movement: Many of the children responded to the invitation to reverently process with the Lectionary around the classroom as we sang the Alleluia. We opened the Lectionary and discovered it contains the Word of God read at Mass. This is the Book carried by the second reader in the entrance procession, and by the priest or deacon in the Gospel procession. The Word of God is proclaimed from the Ambo.

As we draw ever so close to our children’s first Communion continue to take time to do a special activity with your child. Perhaps, a day this week you can read together a favorite Gospel story, practice signing + on your forehead, your lips and your heart.  Jesus, we pray, may your Word remain in our minds, on our lips and in heart as we begin this new week.

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