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SCORE – embraces families

The readership of Parents and Catechists together continues to branch out and cover a  broader audience than it did when I started blogging four years ago. So dear readers I thought it would be helpful to set the stage for SCORE @  St. Nicholas in Evanston, IL.

SCORE [Sunday Catechesis Opportunity – Religious Education]signals the beginning of a new year of faith formation for families of St. Nicholas. The program draws children from PreK through 8th grade who attend the neighborhood schools around the Evanston/Skokie area.

SCORE meets most Sunday mornings (28 classes in all; from the 2nd Sunday of September through the 1st Sunday of May. SCORE begins with the Sunday 9:00 am Eucharistic Liturgy, following the Mass, 300+ children, catechists, assistants gather in their respective Levels for continual faith formation. Each level has a particular focus with a wide range of age appropriate activities which includes praying, signing, reading, illustrating, acting, and . . . yes, memorizing prayers.

The spirituality of SCORE is grounded in the belief that Parents are the Primary Faith Witnesses and provides support and guidance in the sharing of the Catholic Faith. In the words of Sr. Christina Fuller, director of Religious Education, “ SCORE provides a structure and a wider context than family for experiencing faith, but considers family practices as paramount.” There are other options as well. Sr. Christina is well aware that one size doesn’t fit all – if SCORE model doesn’t work for a family, she’s open to discuss with the family a model which would work best.

Tune in on occasion and catch a glimpse of children preparing for their first experience of Reconciliation and Eucharist. The Spirit stirs in their hearts. . . I often stand in wonder as they share their insights in our classroom community.

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