Noting change at the macro and micro levels: 

AT THE MACRO LEVEL:  As this week draws to a close, yesterday @ 9:21 DT, the northern hemisphere of our planet entered into Autumnal (fall) equinox. In the upcoming weeks we will witness hues of yellow, gold, red and purple adorning trees and shrubs in our neighborhoods. It’s the season of preparing our homes for winter: raking leaves, cleaning gutters and downspouts, preparing gardens and vegetables beds, emptying rain barrels, dismantling patios and decks, caulking windows and checking furnaces and boilers; we know the routines and rituals. In three months winter will soon be approaching, and we will be ready (i hope!!)

And then at THE MICRO LEVEL: Rituals also help us prepare for significant events in our faith development. Let’s step into Sunday SCORE classroom – as the children enter into the classroom they are encounter a vessel of water in which they sign themselves with the CROSS – I bless myself in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Through the eyes of our children, as they enter the classroom, they touch the water and feel water on their foreheads. Many of the children are very deliberate when they make the Sign of the Cross; a few of the children need additional practice.

Taking the SCORE lesson home: Parents, you can create moments to practice signing the Cross. The ritual recalls our own Baptism and marks our dying and rising in Jesus, the Christ. It signals our own struggles and brokenness, and the crosses we carry in our daily lives. We baptized into a Faith Community, we enter into the Mystery, knowing Jesus, the Christ walks with us each moment of our lives.

Another ritual we practiced last Sunday at SCORE, that of gift giving.

Our SCORE lesson for the children: God’s gift of Jesus to us. God loved us so much that he gave us Jesus.

Lesson for parents: God became one with us in the person of Jesus. God’s LOVE is manifested in and through us in our words and deeds.

The SCORE take away – the children illustrated TAGS with the gifts that they can give to you –  LOVE, HUGS, CLEANING MY ROOM, PEACE, saying “I LOVE YOU”. The children learned, through presenting the little tag to their parents, this is one way God’s love is made visible in our world.

Let us keep our eyes open and our minds aware of the many manifestations of God’s love around us in our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools and workplaces. and changing seasons and changing spaces. . .  Jesus promised, “I am with you always.”

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