Thanksgiving: in gratitude for parents

Thanksgiving opens the heart to express gratitude for the many blessings of each day. This day I take pause to recount the blessings surrounding my ministry as a catechist.  I am most grateful for accompanying parents and their children prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

Meeting with parents, both individually and collectively, I sense their desire to provide their child with prayerful guidance. Throughout the sacramental process we renew our commitment of deepening our baptismal call to grow in faith through the living out of discipleship.   To the parents, I expressed my profound gratitude in this  Litany of Thanksgiving:

  • Our SCORE parents . . .
    • who selflessly give of their time and energy guiding their children in faith. formation.
    • who model forgiveness and reconciliation for their children.
    • who open their hearts to the Mystery who reaches deep into our daily lives.

For all parents, may this Thanksgiving be one of abundant graces for you and your family. This Thursday, as you gather around the table of Thanksgiving, be ever mindful of the expression of Eucharist.  We will gather around the table to share stories, recall memories of times past, and voice our hope for the future. Around the table we will bless the abundance of food, and partake in its nourishment. Yes, we have a very intimate relationship with the food that we eat.   And strengthened, we continue to live each day with the hope and promise that our God accompanies us on our journey.

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