First Communion

Eucharist: The family, the table, the memory.

What piece of furniture is central to your family life? Is it a focal point to engage, to gather, to remember?  Consider the dining room table it draws the family together to talk about the events of the day [family liturgy of the word], and be nourished by the family meal [family liturgy of the Eucharist]. IN the writing of this email I am recalling the times when the table was so central to my family. Besides being the first piece of furniture we encountered when entering through the back door, it was the place we gathered as a family for mom’s hearty home-cooked meal. The table was rectangle in shaped and seating was arranged according to which hand each my siblings held the fork, the left hand or right hand. We began with grace, and took turns talking about what happened at school.

That same table became the place where mom mixed all the ingredients for Christmas cookies and rolled out the dough  lovingly creating stars, wreathes, and trees. It was also that same table she directed the family with the project of making pasties; one of the great hallmarks of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We all had our little work stations peeling and dicing potatoes, carrots, onions and turnips. The aroma of pasties filled the house, and we eagerly waited for dinner. What memories ignite your imagination. Wouldn’t you say that there is something so significant about gathering around the table to share a meal?   

And Jesus gathered his friends at table, took bread, blessed it, broke it, – do this in memory of me.  

Mass Participation:  Last Sunday the children practiced the GOSPEL responses. They learned the meaning of tracing the cross on their foreheads [As I hear the Word – God be in my mind], lips [on my lips] and hearts [in my heart].  Keep up the good work of practicing with your child at home…so delightful to see the children in action. It was very obvious  that they are practicing at home.

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