First Reconciliation

Sacramental preparation: First Reconciliation.

Last Sunday marked the start of St. Nicholas Religious Education.  Once again my attention focuses on a special group of children preparing to celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

At the very heart of  sacramental preparation: Reconciliation is an attitude, a way of being present in our homes, our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and  in our schools, on the playground and parks (even on the beach), in our cars driving to work, or to the store. Reconciliation is a way of life informing our practices and routines, and most importantly, our relationships.

We acknowledge that parents are the primary catechists in their child’s faith formation. Throughout the coming months fostering relationships with parents will continue to remain a top priority. Weekly, parents receive emails highlighting  the activities which occurred during the session, and pointers to carry  out the lesson at home. Many parents assist in the classroom which enhances instruction as well as provide meaningful interactions with children.