Serving at the Table of our Lord during a pandemic

Holy Week 2020 – COVID19 has turned upside down our liturgical actions and rituals.  This time server schedules would be finalized for the Easter Triduum. Sitting in my living room watching Mass live-streamed isn’t how I expected Palm Sunday to be. I would be finalizing the server schedule and arranging practices for the Easter Triduum. This time is different. Though Palm Sunday and the Easter Triduum are suspended this year a message was sent to all altar servers:

Dear servers:

The greatest gift you can do at this time:  serve at the family table during this “stay-at-home” order; help to set and clear the dinner table. If you haven’t cooked a meal yet, ask your parents to assist with the family meal. 

Though you can’t carry a candle at this time, be the light of gratitude and goodness helping your family and/or neighbors (while honoring physical distance).  Be procession that sees the face of Christ in all that you encounter this day. 

You held the ORDO so the presider could collect the prayers of the community, now you’re asked to gather with the family for prayer and HOLD in your thoughts and prayers all essential workers involved in keeping us safe, healthy and fed during this pandemic. Remember all doctors, nurses, all health care professionals; keep in your thoughts and prayers those who deliver food to grocery stores throughout the country, those who stock the shelves, cashiers and associates, first responders  who are keeping our communities safe. O God, hold them in your mercy and compassion. 


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