First Communion

Divine Mercy Sunday: God’s Mercy endures forever!

God’s Mercy endures forever (Psalms 108, and 136), a cry that seeps into our bones, our minds, our whole being. Let all the people cry out: God’s Mercy endures forever, and ever!

Tomorrow, Divine Mercy Sunday, 2nd Sunday of Easter draws our attention to the Mercy of God. How fitting to embrace and internalize God’s mercy during this unprecedented time. Such challenging times for families and children who, but only five weeks ago, were enthusiastically preparing for the first communion retreat only to hear the day before all gatherings, all Masses suspended, and all Sacramental celebrations postponed. O God, I prayed, what are you revealing to me, to the children and their parents during this outbreak?

So I  reflect upon the ways God’s mercy is shown through the acts of kindness and goodness within our families and communities, throughout our neighborhoods, cities and the world.  Preparation for first communion continues during this pandemic has my families experience and rediscover different forms of communion.  Yes, this pandemic is a severe tragedy turning our way of life upside down; however, we must not loose sight of how it can help us to build a better world for our children.

This Divine Mercy Sunday, let’s visualize God’s mercy emerging in each other, our children, our family and our communities. God’s mercy can be seen in people volunteering in soup kitchens, gathering and sewing face masks, picking up groceries for elders, calling and writing to those living alone, delivering meals to health care workers, honoring stay-at-home orders and physical distancing while in grocery stores, helping children and parents with elearning, supporting local restaurants.

The pandemic has revealed the extreme lack of resources in communities of color, in hospitals unable to fully equip PPE’s for health care professionals. We see the dismantling of safety nets which support the most vulnerable and disenfranchised, the biases and racism toward different populations, especially Asians. The economic disparity and wealth distribution between multi-billionaire corporations and owners of small businesses.  We have much to do to bring about a more just society.

Remains steadfast in our desire to accompany our children during this time of preparation. In time they will celebrate their First Communion. For now we explore different ways of communion: when you gather for grace before meals, call attention to God’s mercy in your family and cry out together: God’s Mercy endures forever!

  • For the emerging presence of the resurrected Christ in our lives – God’s Mercy endures forever.
  • For the Spirit of God moving in our hearts and minds, and throughout the Earth – God’s Mercy endures forever.
  • For our families, our children, and our pets –  God’s Mercy endures forever.
  • For first responders, for essential workers who work hard to keep us safe and well –  God’s Mercy endures forever.
Stay safe, be well. Let us remain hopeful Jesus has Risen, Alleluia! – Easter joy, peace, hope and love!

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