Be hopeful – taking a deeper look into Advent

 The first Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of the new Liturgical Church Year.  It comes at a time when we enter the deep nights of December.  We feel the bone-chill of winter winds.  As the virus surges within our communities we need this season.   We have grown weary and fatigued.     Advent compels us to live with hopeful expectation.  It is a season for hope that we’re not alone that we will get through this.  Advent reminds us that God accompanies us through these times.  God is here in the now; and  advent calls us to be attentive to signs of God’s presence.

This first Sunday of Advent as we light the purple candle on our Advent wreath let us  pray for our children and each other.  Let us be watchful and look for signs of God’s presence in our midst.   We have spent a lot of time with our families throughout this pandemic.  Let’s enter this Advent Season with renewed hope and take advantage of the many opportunities to deepen our belief in God who comes to renew all of us.  Looking for some ideas for you and the family:


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