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Family Centered Catechesis
provides reflections and ideas used during this year of sacramental preparation. I don’t claim to be an authority, or have all the answers; I do know,  through the process of preparing our children God’s grace abounds through our interactions, and in those spaces and places that we least expect. We only need to be OPEN and RECEPTIVE. This becomes my prayer, my hope that throughout this sacramental year our hearts may be receptive to God’s grace. I also hope that our blog provides many opportunities for interaction when an occasion arises.  You are your child’s primary catechist, know of my prayerful support throughout the year.

The blogger – this year marks my 11th year as a catechist.  Each year, working with the children and their parents, deepens my own understanding of living Reconciliation and Eucharist in our world.  In the planning, meeting with parents, instructing and witnessing with children, I continue to experience the generosity and compassion of a Loving God.

Beyond Religious Education and the St. Nick’s Parish Community, I work at a therapeutic day school with youth living with and working through social/emotional issues.  It is within  this milieu than I draw upon the grace of God, the support of colleagues and friends, and the energy and enthusiasm of our little children.

My life continues to be nurtured in the context of a worshiping community through my involvement in the sacramental life at St. Nicholas. I am also an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart  sharing in their Mission and Charism, A sister and brother of mercy doing the works of neighborly love.

With profound gratitude, Pat

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