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Pat Tomich

I am a life-long learning; by profession, I am a special education teacher. I teach with passion and the belief that within each student is the "inner teacher" guiding them to find the answers to life's most important questions. With that said, I seek creative ways to help my students discover their inner teacher. I find myself involved in a lot of projects and programs. Other interests include: writing and reflecting on my teaching practice, hosting guests at my BnB, DIY home projects, gardening, composting, aquaponics, reading, and spending time with family and friends. My life values are guided by the Gospel of Jesus and the Franciscan Charism. I am an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart which at the heart is showing compassion and doing works of neighborly love.

I am going to ask my dad…

…how many sacraments he has received?” one little boy said with such sincerity as he held up his My Book of the Seven Sacraments. For all of the children, SACRAMENT was a new vocabulary word, and after several attempts they were pronouncing sacrament with clarity and fluency. For them, at the […]