Being Catholic…Being Church

WK 5 Our kids know about belonging. Sunday’s lesson created that opening for the children to call out the different communities in which they belong: Family! Soccer team! Scouts! Neighborhood! School! Church!  All these communities are significant and inform their faith formation.  The one community we focused on […]

Fostering Discipleship

 WK 4 This week the children were sent forth from class wearing a colorful “I am a disciple of Jesus” card.   I hope you were able to catch some of the enthusiasm they generated in class.  We were engaged in a lively discussion as the children shared with […]

Coming together…

WK 3 This week’s SCORE class got off to a very good start.  The children seem to be getting accustomed to sitting with their respective small community. Adding to our achievement, we are getting to know each child by name and becoming more familiar with their learning styles.  […]