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Three Minute Retreat

AdvertismentIt could be early morning, or late at night when you have a few moments to enter into prayer. The three minute retreat helps to set the tone set aside time to be with your God. Take advantage of this time to refresh and renew your heart.

3-Minute Retreat sponsored by Loyola Press

SCORE 2017-2018

In the busyness of our lives it is my hope that as we accompany our children during this year of sacramental preparation, our understanding of the Sacraments will deepen. As we enter sacramental process with our children, I invite you to reflect  and ask God  for the graces you need to cultivate a meaningful sacramental process for you and your child.

  • What is my hope, my intention for my child during his/her year of sacramental preparation?
  • The graces received at Reconciliation and Eucharist strengthen us to live our Baptism as disciples of Jesus, the Christ. When and where during the week, do I most experience  the grace of God at work in my life?
  • St. Paul reminds us that we are the Body of Christ, we are the hands of Jesus  in the family, the workplace, the neighborhood.  When do I feel most like the Body of Christ?

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