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Children discover the Lectionary

Parents play a significant role preparing their child for their first experience of Eucharist. As catechist, one of my roles is to support parents during this time of faith formation. This past Sunday at SCORE class, the energy and enthusiasm of the children during class was liken to a mini-Pentecost experience. Their responses and engagement revealed God’s Spirit gently stirring within their hearts.

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In space and time grace happens

The first class of Religious Education (SCORE) draws the entire community together as children, parents, and catechists gather in the school cafeteria, with heightened energy, excitement, and  for some, a little anxiety. This is a space where grace happens, friendships renewed and nourished. The new SCORE year begins with the celebration of Eucharist, and at the end of Mass SCORE families and catechists

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An emerging theology of eucharist – according to children

The prompt “AT SUNDAY MASS WE GATHER” sparked  lively conversations  among the children as they  worked  in small communities illustrating posters with words and symbols. Their responses:  At Sunday Mass we pray, and listen. We sing and we say we are sorry and ask for forgiveness. At Sunday Mass we gather to remember Jesus died on the cross, and we

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The “big picture” of preparing for the first of many Holy Communions

The whole parish community plays an integral role when preparing our children for their first experience of coming to the Table of the Lord.  It begins when we gather each Sunday to worship and praise our God.  St. Paul eloquently expresses this reality in his letters to the early Christian communities of Rome and Corinth   “The human body has many parts, but the many parts

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Kids tell it all – Heaven and Earth are filled with God’s glory.

Bread…wine…the work of our hands and hearts…wheat husked and threshed, grapes smashed and stomped upon, the fruit of the earth shared with all of humanity, blessed, broken, shared and gathered…Jesus said, “Take and eat this is My Body, take and drink, this is My Blood. Whenever you do this remember me.” The Liturgy of the Eucharist our prayer of Thanksgiving!

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