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Reconciliation – a way of life. . .

Sunday, February 1st, would have marked the beginning of preparation for our children’s first experience of Eucharist. The best laid out plans, must surrender to the dictates of Mother Nature. Sunday morning, our region was being buffeted by blistery winds, and heavy snow.  So be it –  religious […]

My deepest longing…

The first Sunday of SCORE is always a little chaotic.  Almost 250 adults and 180 children enthusiastically greeting one another in the school cafeteria, child with parent gently meandering through  a maze a people looking for the right table . What’s so amazing…how order and stillness  slowly emerge  […]

First Reconciliation…a family celebration

WK 15 Reflections January 21 Saturday, January 26th at 10 am the children and their families celebrate  the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Expect a little apprehension from the children; however, that’s normal when encountering a new experience.  It’s reassuring to them to know of our love and support during this time.  The sacrament is one of many […]