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Preparing for First Communion: Do Try this at Home!

At St. Nicholas Religious Education (SCORE) in Evanston preparation for first Communion draws together parents, catechists, and the entire parish community.   Earlier this month we celebrated First Reconciliation. To accompany parents and children throughout this sacramental process has been for me, a profound experience of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Parents so faithfully and lovingly prepared their child for his/her first

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The “big picture” of preparing for the first of many Holy Communions

The whole parish community plays an integral role when preparing our children for their first experience of coming to the Table of the Lord.  It begins when we gather each Sunday to worship and praise our God.  St. Paul eloquently expresses this reality in his letters to the early Christian communities of Rome and Corinth   “The human body has many parts, but the many parts

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The Spirituality of Children – We are Sent!

The last of the four part lesson on the Mass -The children worked in small communities; their task: design a poster to illustrate the post Communion Rite – We are Sent Forth… to love and serve God. The kids presented both their masterpieces and “theological interpretation.” Their artistic expressions captured the heart of Jesus’ Gospel message. Comments were enduring…a couple of posters included dialogue

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Readiness for First Communion…What are the signs?

We are approaching the final stretch of class time dedicated to First Communion preparation. Yes, there are four (4) more SCORE classes left before St. Nick’s Parish Community welcomes our children to the Table of the Lord.  For the three (3) remaining Sundays of March, and the Sunday class after we return from Spring break (4/27) we are planning meaningful

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The Gathering Rite – Increasing your child’s participation at Mass

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We continue our “mini-series” fostering active participation with our children at Mass. When you enter the gathering space, find a seat where your child can see what is going on at Mass. The Gathering Rite .  Singing calls us to worship. After the song number is announced, share the song book with your child,…

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