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Children recall their Baptism as they begin preparing for Reconciliation

Our children’s first experience of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are significant moments in their faith formation. Though sacramental preparation involves the whole family, greater focus is placed on the interaction between the child and parent. Prior to our formal preparation of the sacrament of Reconciliation, we begin with reviewing the sacrament of Baptism. Rather than draw on our

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I just can’t think…

….I have a lot on my mind! The first Sunday of SCORE is always a little chaotic. The school cafeteria becomes the gathering space for more than 300 adults and children  who gently meander through  a maze a people guiding their child to the right table.  What’s so amazing…how order and stillness  slowly emerge  when Sr. Christina begins her countdown 3…2…1…  Yes,

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Making Room in the Inn…

Each SCORE lesson requires trusting the Spirit of God to stir the hearts of our children; this past Sunday it happened, where metaphor and imagination ignited a transformative conversation. Theme:  Linking the “Inns” of our hearts with Conscience Formation At this age, children are very concrete in their thinking, mindful of their development each SCORE lesson is thoughtfully and prayerfully planned…quite honestly, each

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